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This Months Daily Pix

Almost ready to fly!
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Just now

The fog softens up the light with just enough dawn color. This is Pewaukee Lake Wisconsin and I'm sitting about 10 miles to the far shore and another 40 to the cold water of Lake Michigan which is partially responsible for these colors.
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American White Pelican

American White Pelicans feed from the water’s surface, dipping their beaks into the water to catch fish and other aquatic organisms. They do not plunge-dive the way Brown Pelicans do. They are superb soarers (they are among the heaviest flying birds in the world) and often travel long distances in large flocks by soaring. They can grow to an astonishing 9.5 feet in length, 5.5 feet long and weigh as much as 20lbs. I've seen flocks in FL, UT and WI that number over a thousand.
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Great horned owl

Adult great horned owls can be as large as 2’ tall with a 5’ wingspan.Despite their size they are capable of “silent flight”, which is the way owls fly while making almost no discernable noise. And they can fly at a very low speeds as slow as 2 miles per hour when they are gliding on breezes while hunting. At dusk, the owl utters a few calls before flying to a more open sing-post, i.e. large bare branch or large rocks to deliver song. Normally several perches are used to mark occupied territory or to attract a female. Wikipedia I took this photo in SW Utah where a pair have been seen each year. In the past 5 years they have produced offspring twice. Baby owls are ridiculously cute and always under the very watchful eyes of a adult.
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