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WI State Fair Walking

Blow Up Dancing Guy
Popcorn ladies wanted their picture taken
Like so many, I have no idea why I took this photo.
Reason number 4
How could I pass this one up.
Perfect WI State Fair photo
First thing I took a photo of. Fair was not yet open for a couple hours so I walked around while the vendors set up. Walked by this old pay phone with plants growing around it on the way to fill my water bottle.
Coffee pots with flowers growing in them!
I though she was the lady who guessed age and weight. Turns out she wasn’t but said I could take her picture.
Gym lockers with plants
These ladies really wanted their picture taken as evidenced by their big smiles.
Would have been better with heads but you get the idea
The Sky Rider in action
As it was black and white I used the black and white camera
As a curd purist I was only interested in a photo
5.2 pounds of cheese curds in 6 minutes. I bet that record still holds.
Fair not yet open but a few hours later this photo would have easily a hundred people in it.
Always a Super Dog somewhere.
Don’t stick around for the racing pigs
Again, would have been better if I had a head with me.
This looks much better at night in color but the clouds and the plane towed banner kept it from being deleted.
Had to take this one.
It was in the “feels like” mid 90s so this did not look very appealing.
Another unexplained photo
Just color and composition
Coconut shark
Hand cut does not sound like precision but what do I know
This is not a joke
The guy in the ticket hole
The brave bungie people
Another great cow painting in some obscure spot

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